Natalie Jones, LPCC, PsyD.

and Lifetime Counseling and Consulting 

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My mission is to "help you to find the source of your suffering, reduce stress, heal your emotional scars, and create and sustain healthy relationships."

- Natalie Jones, LPCC, PsyD.

In life, I understand that sometimes your experiences making it challenging for you to:

- trust and believe in yourself, without feeling like you are going to fail

- be in healthy loving relationships, where you can trust those around you without feeling like you want to sabotage them or that they want to sabotage you

-be in control of and have a healthy way of balancing your job, family, school, and other obligations

- acknowledge and deal with pain from old emotional wounds.

I am here to help you with all of these things. We can work together to create a stronger, healthier, and more resilient version of you!